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The Two billionth... - Ltd edition print on sale via Locws International

Locws Edition

The interactive robots from Welcome to Happy Redoubt.


Welcome to Happy Redoubt

6 November – 15 December 2013

King’s Cultural Institute, Somerset House

A collaboration between staff and student at King’s College London and ourselves. The project took the form of a post apocalyptic marketplace. Visitors undertook arts and crafts activities at the request of the robots running the marketplace. They earned currency which could be spent in the market. King’s staff and student worked on the development of the project and ran stalls, performances and events during the exhibition.

A King’s Cultural Institute commission, in partnership with UP Projects.

Images by Jana Chiellino


A documentary about our exhibition Welcome to Happy Redoubt at the Inigo Rooms, Somerset House, London in 2013.


The Two billionth, one hundred and forty-seven millionth, four hundred and eighty-three thousandth, six hundred and forty-seventh

Laser cut board, acrylic paint

6 Sept - 6 Oct 2013

Commissioned by Locws International for Art Across the City

The title of this piece refers to the largest number that most computer systems can use as an integer for, amongst other things, dates, which could lead to the ‘year 2038 problem' - a possible technological disaster.

The piece is based on the idea of survivors of a catastrophic event brought about by the 2038 problem trying to understand the technological world that came before them and using nature imagery to interpret it. In the same we that we use figurative imagery to name elements of computer systems, such as Wizard, Demon or Bug, and we use graphic conventions to represent data visually, these survivors are creating a cult around what they perceive as the lost data of the previous civilisation. The birds are like system Demons or Bugs, distributing or pecking away at data objects represented by the geometric objects.


Blackbird in Infospace

USB audio download trail, sculpture, music download available here.

23 May - 22 June
Exhibition at MOVEMENT
23 May - 20 July

Commissioned by Turning Point West Midlands in collaboration with the University or Worcester, Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum and Movement.

This project took the form of a download trail that visitors could travel around collecting a specially made piece of music at each venue on a USB flash drive. The songs, created by our band Juneau Brothers, following a period of research in the city and relate to the history of Worcester. One track, A Story of Recursion, was inspired by the black swan pillow of Sir John Beauchamp’s tomb in Worcester Cathedral. A story about Beauchamp describes him appearing in a field near the city when he was supposed to be away on a crusade, claiming that he was carried home by a black swan, a bird unknown in medieval Britain.

The download shrines were made in opposition to our 21st century insatiable worship of new technology and the instant download and were temporarily installed in five of Worcester’s most distinctive destinations: the city’s architecturally renowned Georgian Guildhall; Worcester City Art Gallery; The Hive (the newly opened, first joint University and public library in Europe); MOVEMENT ( artist-run gallery on Worcester Foregate Railway Station); and Rise Worcester (the city’s only independent record shop).

Audio samples for the project were recorded in locations in Worcester suggested by local people, such as the station platform and the museum rooftop.


Vegetable Quest

Laser cut board and acrylic paint

September 2013 - January 2014

Commissioned by Capsule for the Library of Birmingham

Sited in vegetable beds on the 3rd floor balcony of the Library, these sculptures imagined the folk art of a society after a global disaster. They took the form of totems and bird-scarers intended to protect the crops.


The Museum Cave

Hand Painted Animation, 2013

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

A collaborative animations made with 11 schools in the Birmingham area. Each participating pupils painted one frame of the animation which depicted a prehistoric exhibit coming to life and exploring the Museum Collections Centre; the place where artefacts are stored when not on display.




The Museum Collections Centre, Birmingham

Originally commissioned for Tate Britain in 2008, Trappenkamp is now on long term loan to the Museum Collections Centre and is viewable on days when the centre is open - see their website for details.

See the Tate Britain installation here.


I am the Warrior

19 March 2013 - 27 April 2013

John Hansard Gallery

I am the Warrior is a completely open exhibition project. Participants are invited to bring all kinds of creative work to the gallery throughout the course of the exhibition. There is no selection or judging process and all work brought to the gallery is shown in a constantly changing arrangement.

See previous versions of the project here.

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